Monday, January 26, 2009

Antique style gotta-use-up-those-scraps CQ

Here are two blocks. One shows how you can use words as seam treatments. The other is of my a passage form one of my favorite Psalms in the Bible. From Ps. 16. Have fun using up your scraps and making your own inspirational CQ.

Favorite poem

And here's my favorite poem on this block. I left space to do seam treatments, 'cause eventually those basting threads will be yanked out. But I really wanted to get the poem on before I went and lost the poem again. Hate that!! Lose stuff all the time.

Antique style gotta-use-up-those-scraps CQ

I thought I'd share with you what I'm doing with that baggie of smaller scraps all of us CQers have accumulated. I've been doing CQ for over the 7 years, and that zip-loc babbie I was using to store this various scraps was bulging at the seams, so I decied to use them up as best I could without cutting too much of the fabric off. The result is this antique style CQ. It's not a stitch, flip, and cut method at all. I actually had to get out my box of pins to pin most of these raw edges under. After all, what I was trying to do, was use up as much of the scrap patch as possible withour cutting any of the fabric off. So you get this kind of antique looknig block. And you relly do have to baste those seams down, because some of these patches were held together with only pins. So I had to basted them. You got lots of scraps?? Hey, I've got four of these blocks going. YOu should try it too. There's no theme, shape or color to these blocks. Just using up scraps on an old bed sheet for my musslin. Oh, and old Proverbs, poems, and Psalms for the motifs. I even used words for the seem treatments. Yah. So, go for it!! I've even used a patch as small as 2 inches by 2 inches.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


And here's a block I've made into a pillow: sashed twice, backed, and stuffed. But here's the embellished block, at least. As you can tell, I really enjoy doing floral sprays on seams. And I like the sprays to go down into some or the patches, too. Can you tell I love flowers? I tend to kill them in the garden, so they are forever stitched onto fabric. They can't shrivle up die there. And I have some dried roses in my Strongs Concordance. It's the biggest book I've got for pressing flowers. Of course, they're all brown now, but they wer the ones DH gave me when we were dating 12 years ago. Hello!! Am I really that old?? Don't laugh at me!! Most of you reading this may have been married for 50 years and I'm complaing about a mere 10. Poop on me!

Garage sale junk made pretty

This is the center block of my wall hanging of all my favorite junk I've collected from garage sales. Ya know, you can find the best stuff at garage sales. Especially along the bead and jewelery line. I got two strings of semi-precious stones for .50 once, because the lady said it was cheep glass. And I was thinking to myself, "No, Honey, this is my prize and your loss!!" Gitty, I handed ove my mere .50 and left with $40 worth of stones!! Yay for me!! Yay Yay Yay!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's great to bein 2009

Wow!! I have great expectations for this year. I have another 30 lbs to lose. I have a Christian CD to make and about four more songs to write, crazy quilting to get done, husband to greet back home form Iraq, children to love. Wow!! Isn't life glorious and grand?!!

Hey, I like to be busy. When I was a kid, I would always tell my mom, "Mom, I'm bored." And then she would tell me to go find something to do. Well, I've got ots to do now, Mom. What a great life!!

I have not the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. I am not afraid of anything!! I do not fear a single thing, because my hope is not in worldly wisdom of men, but in the power of God!! Yup, it is. People who trust in the Lord enjoy life and do their best at what they do and life is glorious and grand. No regrets. No doom and gloom. No fears for the future. My hope is on the ROCK, Jesus Christ.

So now, with all that inspirational jibber jabber, I've decided to post some more eye candy of my "junk", so I call it. My stitching that I really enjoy doing. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Maybe, one of these days, I'll download some songs I've written. That would be fun. Then maybe some of you real musicians can tell me how to fix some of these songs that are half done.

God bless and waht a great year!!