Monday, April 6, 2009

Challenge #4

Here is a wild flower (or maybe it's a weed - sure is a pretty one anyhow) I picked here in California. In Gorman California, actually. There are these little yellow daiseys, orange California poppies and the purple sage brush. Boy are those colors purely yummy next to each other in the spring. And all the green n the back ground, too. Nice!! And then there's this funny little lavendr fuzzy thing. I bet ya it's a weed, but I just wanted to throw it out to ya as a challenge. I thought the leaves were really interesting, too. If ya click on the picture you can see the leaves more closely. I guess you could straight stitch them. Or that tight feather stitch - I forget what it's called. Really fun for making leaves. The flower tuft could be french knotts with a whole bunch of stamen coming out. You coud coach a really cool yarn for the stem, or do my favorite - closely embroiderd stem stitches in a varigated color of green. Have fun!! Kim

Hallmark Heart Interpretation

Here is my interpretaton of that heart I found on that Hallmark card I received in the mail the other week. I drew the heart with a ball point pen, back stitched it in light green, whipped and weaved two times around with my favorite varigated fuzzy yarn. Then I coached some straight stitches with that same fuzzy yarn. Then dyed some 2mm silk ribbon, stab stitched the little flowers with it, and it's basically done. Except I may put a metalic green bead n the center of the flowers. tha'll be nice. This is my Tuscan block. Can ya tell? Duhh It's orange, olive green, dark teal, and chocolate brown. Those colors are so yummy togetheer. If you haven't warmed up to orange yet, maybe you can combine those colors and fall in love with it like I have.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dragon Fly

Hi!! I just wanted to share with everyone, including my DH, serving in Iraq right now, the lovely pink opal dragon fly pendent he got me. It's set in 14k rose gold, with crystals and the lovely pink opal from Australia in the wings. Isn't Dh great for telling me to get myself something pretty? I just love this. I've worn it twice already. Even to school to teach kindegartners music. Ha Ha. The sun shining on it makes it aparckle so. Thank you, Steve, for pampering my heart. You're a good husband. And when you get home, it'll be your turn to do the dishes for a year. Ha Ha!!