Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Challenge #3

Greeting cards and writing paper have the cutest ideas, don't they? I got this greeting card in the mail, today from a friend I brought a meal for a few weeks ago. I just loved the colors and the shape of the heart. Try and make a motif out of this idea. What fun!!
I would first draw a heart on my patch with a pen, pencil, or if you're particular, a quilting pen. Then I'd do a back stitch on the pen marks (or stem stitch), weave something that looks leafy in and out of the back stitch and put some leaves on. I have a really cool fuzzy green yarn that would be perfect for weaving in and out of that back stitch. Then I'd add some cute SRE flowers with the stab stitch. Even silk ribbon as small as 2mm would be lovely for foget-me-nots. Little french knotts coming off some of the greenery would be nice too. Wouldnt that be cute?? Ya know what? I just might have to start myself a challenge block using all these ideas. What great fun that would be. Then at the end of hte year, I can share it with you. Now to put up some seam treatments. yah. We have two motifs. I think I should do some seam treatments. Yah. Happy Stitching!! Blessings and grace to you all!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bi-weekly challenge #2

Here is a bird motif I thought you'd like. It's origin is from India. This can be done in a stem stitch or chain stitch. The greenery could be SRE, too. You could also fill in the bird with a tight stem stitch to make it feathery or you could just keep the lines plain and simple. If filling in the bird to make it feathery, use a darker thread for the outlines. Happy stitching!!