Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow!! I've totally been out of hte loop here. Sorry. I think it might be two months since I last posted. I'm a very nauty girl for that.

DH was home from Iraq for two weeks in June, then we sent him back, then I got a tread mill because I'm so freakin' fat, and then we went to Colorado Springs for an Army thing. WOW!! That was crazy, since I made it a road trip with three little boys. HA HA!!

But I"ll have to post a blue, teal, green thing I started working on later. And I' still haven't put any new stuff on that fairy block. I have two items for a customer I need to finish up by August 15th, then I"ll be back. And I really need to post another challenge, don't I!!

WOW! Life!! It happens.

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