Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rousched Silk Flowers Tutorial cont.

Step 7: Oh look!! Now just open your flower keeping the raw edges on the bottom. Isn't it cute?? But we're not done yet. We've gotta tack it on a block somewhere. Here, I have a girls Christmas stocking I'm working on. I like to put five or six couching stitches on to keep the flower in it's place. Just put it anywhere you want. You can make it part of a seam treatment on a crazy quilt. You can make it the major motif in the center of a patch, or even the center of a sane quilt. You can use it for more framing on the corner of sash work. Goodness!! The possibilities are endless.

Step 8: And now that I have a beading needle in hand, I just start doing cute little beaded rounds in the center of the flowers. Or you could change needles and do a bunch of french knots in the center. Or even a straight stitch to mimic stamen. How fun is this??
It's your flower. Your creation. Your art. What do you want to see here? I'd love to see some of these cute little buds and flowers on your own work. Feel free to e-mail me pictures.

Step 9: Now make more. Yes!! And put them anywhere you want on your block. As you can see. I've scattered these flowers on both a purple seam and most of a patch. Then I added leaves. And the leaves aren't even green. They're metalic gold. Who says you have to make your leaves green, anyways?? Ya know. It's your art. Do what the fabric and embellishments ask for. And you could dangle charms, broaches, and old pearl necklaces in there if you want. It's a good day to create.

Love ya all. Happy stitching.


Steel Scraps said...

Thank you for your tutorial.

I am fairly new to crazy quilting and will try this technique.

Your instructions are very easy to follow and I loved the end result.

gocrazywithme said...

Great tutorial, Kim, and I'm thrilled that you've joined the blog world! I'm adding you to my favorites and will be back often.

Cute boys, too, by the way!
Janet in Colorado
also crazy in the mountains

Crazypatch said...

Thanks for your tutorial.
I love the crazy quilting ant all news techniques are interesting;
Marie Christine in France

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Kim,
Thank you for the tutorial. I loved the way you do these lovely flowers...I'll try to make them according to your easy method.
Rengin, from Istanbul