Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm a Blogger

July 26, 2008
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I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time. Now, look. You can check out pictures of my kids, my art, and read about what my husband is doing and about knowing Jesus Christ.

This is Adam, my oldest. He likes electronics and anything that has buttons. He likes to see how things work.

And there's the wood in the background. It gets cold even here in Southern California. It actually got below zero with the wind chill this past winter. Burrr.

Adam will be in first grade next month. I'm so proud of him, like most mothers.

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gaylenona said...

What fun to see pictures of you and your kids. A fine looking family for sure. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll play around with it as time allows.
Gayle in Northern California